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MTC Voice

Classic Phone Long Distance Info & Calling Types

Long Distance Directory Assistance

There is a charge for each request from Directory Assistance.
For numbers in the 845 area code dial 411
For numbers outside the 845 area code and Canada dial 411
800, 855, 866, 877 and 888 numbers dial 1 + 800 + 555-1212 (Toll Free)
For Area Code Information dial OPERATOR

Important Notice about your Long Distance

In the past we have always contacted our customers to verify if you wanted to change your long distance. The FCC has come out with a ruling and we are no longer allowed to contact you before this change. If you are contacted by a long distance carrier and you tell them yes over the telephone, we will receive an order and will have to change your long distance. Your account will be charged $5.50 to make the change and this could change part or all of your long distance service. If you feel your long distance was changed without your authorization please contact us at 845-586-3311.

Selecting a Long Distance Company

All customers have Equal Access available to them. Equal Access is a long distance dialing program which allows you to choose a primary long distance company to handle calls placed inside and outside the Poughkeepsie LATA. There is a charge per telephone line to change to a different primary long distance company.

Primary Long Distance Company
With Equal Access, your selected long distance company will complete your calls inside and outside the Poughkeepsie LATA. The rates and regulations of this company apply to each of these calls. You can verify your primary long distance company by dialing 1 + 700 + 555-4141. You will reach a recorded message which identifies your primary long distance company.

Using An Alternate Company
Equal Access allows you to use an alternate long distance company by dialing an Access Code before the number you are calling. You may call the Business Office for more information.

Long Distance Rates

Direct dial rates vary depending on what time of day you make the call and who your long distance carrier is. You need to check with your long distance carrier on when your long distance rates change and the rate they charge.

Billing of Long Distance

Some long distance companies require that you establish an account with them before using their services. The long distance company will bill you directly.

Direct Long Distance Dialing

Direct dial if you wish to talk with anyone who answers. Rates for calls that you dial yourself are lower than for calls dialed by the operator. Charging begins when the called phone is answered in person or by an automatic answering machine.
To call within your area code dial the seven digit telephone number
To call outside your area code dial 1 + AREA CODE + telephone number.

Credit for Wrong Numbers & Poor Connections

When you dial a call within your Regional Calling Area and reach a wrong number, have a poor connection or are cut off, hang up and dial "0" (Operator) right away. If the call was outside the Regional Calling Area (Lata) you will need to dial "00" to reach the operator of your long distance service. Explain what happened so the operator can arrange for the proper credit. The faster the problem is reported, the easier it will be to give you credit.

Types of Calls

Call station-to-station if you want to talk with anyone who answers. Rates are lower than person-to-person. Charging begins when the called telephone is answered either by a person or by an automatic answering unit.

Direct Dialed:
These are calls where the caller dials the number directly and no operator assistance is required.
Toll rates are lowest for Direct Dialed calls.

Station-to-station calls requiring operator assistance are charged at a higher rate than those that are completed without an operator's help. Higher rates are necessary to compensate for the costs of providing these specialized services. Included are calls such as coin phone, collect, billed to a third number and time and charges.

Call person-to-person when you wish to talk to a particular person or extension number. Customers may place calls by dialing 0 + area code + telephone number. Rates are higher than station-to-station and also apply when you bill to an alternate person or extension. Charging starts when conversation begins.

You can call collect, either station-to-station or person-to-person, if the person or firm you are calling agrees to pay the charge. Customers may place calls by dialing 0 + area code + number.

Conference (Operator-Assisted)
You can talk with several people in different places at the same time. Tell the "OPERATOR" you wish to make a "conference" call. A special charge will be made for this type of call.

Wide Area Telecommunications Service (Inward WATS)

Station-to-station long distance calls may be made, without charge to you, to businesses that have wide area telecommunications service. They offer this service to their customers dialing from certain locations. Dial "1" + 800 plus the special numbers of customers having this service. To determine whether the party you want offers this service dial "1" + 800 + 555-1212. This inward WATS directory assistance number serves the entire United States.

Bill to the Third Number
You can make a long distance call from another telephone and bill it to your own telephone number or another number if that party agrees to pay for the call. Customers may place calls by dialing 0 + area code + number. When making a third-number call from a public (coin) telephone, the Operator must verify the third number charge by calling the third number and confirming that the charges will be accepted. If there is no confirmation the Operator cannot complete the call unless you can pay the coin rate or make the call collect.

Coin Calls
From coin phones, see instruction card on or near the phone, or dial "OPERATOR".

Time And Charges
Customers, when placing calls, may request from the "OPERATOR" the amount of time charged to the call and the cost associated with the call. This service requires "OPERATOR" assistance and the call may be either station-to-station or person-to-person.

Mobile Calls: Air-Land-Marine
You can make local and long distance calls to automobiles, trucks, aircraft, boats and ships. Ask the "Operator" for the Mobile, Marine or High Seas Operator. For information on other Communications Common Carriers, consult the Yellow Pages or other business guides.

Overseas Calls
To place overseas calls dial 011, then the country code, the city code, and the local number.

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