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Important Notices

9/05/13: Urgent Programming Notice:

Effective September 17th, all channels in the MTC Local and Family Packages (Channels 2-85) will be delivered in digital format. At that time, only channels 2-40 will remain available in an analog format and still viewable with a non-digital (analog) television set (* See definitions below). Depending on your subscription package and type of television set, you may need to take one of the steps below to insure that you will continue to receive all programming offered within your subscription package:

Analog or Digital Television Set connected to MTC Converter Box: No action is required. The converter box will continue to receive the digital signals and convert them for viewing on either style of television set.

Digital Television Set connected without MTC Converter Box: A “re-scan” or “channel search” function will need to be performed on your television set to re-learn the new digital channel line-up. This is the same function which was performed initially when the TV was first connected to Cable allowing the television to learn the current channel line-up. After this scan has been successfully performed, the stations will be viewable on their previous channel number except for a “-1” after the channel number (ie: The Learning Channel is currently located on Channel 42. After a re-scan on September 17th, The Learning Channel will be viewable on a digital television on Channel 42-1).

Analog Television Set connected without MTC Converter Box: After September 17th, only channels 2-40 will be viewable. To continue receiving all of the channels in the Family Package, please contact our Customer Service Department and schedule the installation of a digital converter box prior to the September 17th conversion date. The monthly lease fee of $3.95 per month will be waived for three months and a free installation will be offered to subscribers who call in advance.

* For the purposes of this notice, the following definitions apply:
Analog Television Set: A television set manufactured prior to 2009 utilizing a rounded picture tube. These television sets cannot receive digitally transmitted television signals without a converter box.

Digital Television Set: A television set manufactured since 2009 utilizing a flat panel display. Most of these television sets contain a digital tuner capable of receiving both digitally transmitted and analog television signals. A converter box is not currently required to receive digital channels within the MTC Local and Family Programming Packages.

This transition to a digital television line-up is necessary to accommodate the new products and services only available using digital transmission technology. Besides the improved picture and audio qualities of a digital signal, the conversion will enable the future roll-out of additional channels in high-definition, expanded video-on-demand programming and whole-house digital video recorder (DVR) service. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 586-2288 or (877) 727-2288 concerning any questions regarding this technology change or to take advantage of our free converter installation offer (if required) as soon as possible.

WBNG is back!

MTC Cable has reached an agreement with WBNG (Channel 12 – CBS Binghamton) to restore the station back onto the MTC channel line-up effective 1/18/13. The station will not be available in all service areas. THIS TV currently located on Ch.12 will be repositioned to Channel 15.

Programming Notice

MTC Cable has removed WIVT (Channel 15 – Binghamton ABC) and WBGH (Channel 420 – Binghamton NBC) from its channel line-up effective January 1st, 2013. To date, MTC has not reached a Retransmission Consent Agreement with the Station’s ownership (Nexstar Communications) necessary for continued carriage. Nexstar is seeking a 300% increase in monthly programming fees! ABC programming will still be available on WABC (Ch 7) and NBC programming on WNBC (Ch 4) and WNYT (Ch 18). MTC remains hopeful that a mutually beneficial Agreement can be reached over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding!!

Tired of having your TV shows held hostage?

For millions of TV viewers, the holidays may not be so merry. Hundreds of retransmission consent agreements are due to expire at year’s end. Which means before you’ve started your holiday shopping, broadcasters will start threatening to black out your favorite shows just so they can get higher fees. Imagine Christmas without "A Christmas Carol", or New Year’s Eve with no countdown. How do they get away with this Grinch-like behavior? Outdated FCC rules. Tired of having your TV shows held hostage? Tell Congress it’s time they made a New Year’s resolution to modernize retransmission consent rules.

Programming Notice

The MTC Cable Retransmission Consent Agreement with WIVT (ABC-Binghamton) Channel 15 expires on 12/31/12. To date, negotiations between WIVT and MTC Cable have not resulted in an agreement for continued carriage of the station past this deadline. Although MTC remains optimistic that a mutually beneficial agreement with WIVT can be reached, it is possible that MTC will be required to remove that station effective January 1, 2013. ABC programming will still be available via WABC-Channel 7.

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