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5/30/2017: Channel Lineup Changes

Effective June 30th Esquire (CH 109) will no longer be available. Effective July 15th Universal HD (CH 553) will no longer be available. The programmer will be ceasing distribution of these channels. MTC will continue to look into options for channel replacements.

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ATTENTION: MTC Cable Phone and Broadband Customers

Thursday, May 18, 2017- 1:00 AM - 6:00 AM

MTC will be conducting general maintenance for our Cable Phone and Broadband service from 1:00AM-6:00AM on Thursday, May 18th. During this time, you may experience an interruption in your service.

FOR MTC BROADBAND CUSTOMERS: After 6:00AM, if you still can not connect to the Internet, unplug the power from your computer, Cable Modem and any other devices you may have (i.e., router or switch). Wait one minute, then power those devices back on. If the problem has not been resolved; please call our repair line at (845) 586-2288.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

4/15/2017: Extortion attack

An extortion attack this weekend hit businesses and hospitals in 150 countries. Learn 5 ways to protect yourself: Click Here


Margaretville Telephone Company and MTC Cable fiber construction contractors are working in the towns of Andes, Harpersfield and Jefferson. The work of deploying fiber optic cables will be an ongoing effort throughout 2017. The immediate work areas are: Andes commencing along County Highway 1 and expanding to all areas as the work progresses, Harpersfield along State Highway 23 and expanding to all areas of the town, Jefferson starting at Taylor Road with expansion to all of the DCEC coverage area. Additionally, field engineering and pole survey work will be ongoing in the towns of Bovina, Colchester, Lexington, Middletown and Roxbury. MTC field staff will be working along pole lines in all of these towns through the end of 2017.

MTC apologizes for any inconvenience this activity may cause and thank you for your patience as we build tomorrow's telecommunications network. If you would like more information, please contact MTC at 845-586-2288 or email


MTC continues to make progress with efforts in its Broadband expansion throughout Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, and Ulster Counties. Beginning the week of May 1st, Todd Cable Construction will begin MTC’s fiber construction in the Andes-Tremperskill area. This is the kick off of the Broadband enhancement, where MTC will be able to provide the Andes area with state-of-the-art high speed internet, cable television and telephone services. Construction will be ongoing throughout Andes in the coming months.

In other areas, fiber construction has commenced in the Harpersfield area along Route 23 between Stamford and Harpersfield, and in Jefferson along Taylor Road. Construction crews will be expanding throughout these areas in the coming weeks.

MTC technicians and contractors are also progressing with construction and fiber splicing in Conesville, in the areas of South Mountain, Hubbard Hill and Durham Roads, the Cape Horn area of Gilboa and locations in Halcott.

Service activation will occur by segments.  Once fiber construction, fiber splicing and activation are completed in an area, MTC will notify residents and businesses of service availability in those areas by phone or by a door tag.

If you are interested in receiving updates regarding these build areas or to inquire about service availability in your area, please contact the MTC Customer Service Team at (845) 586-2288 or by email at

4/19/2017: Notice of Cable Television Network Upgrades on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MTC Cable will be performing network upgrades which will result in service interruptions through a portion of the day to individual channels on the MTC Channel Line Up. We appreciate and thank you for your patience during this essential television network upgrade.

  • Service Quality Enhancements
  • Introduction of New Service Packages
  • Upgrades to support TiVo programming and implementation of Netflix, Hulu and YouTube

Televisions connected to a MTC converter box or DVR require no action. All channels will be restored after the upgrade is complete.

Televisions connected directly to cable will require a "Channel Re-Scan." This was originally performed when the television was first connected to cable. Please see the instructions for completing a Channel Re-Scan below.

NOTE: The following instructions are for TVs connected directly to Cable only!

  1. Using the remote control which came with the television set, press the MENU or SETUP button.
  2. From the menu provided, use the up-down-left-right arrow buttons on the remote to highlight and select the CHANNEL TUNE or CHANNEL SET-UP option.
  3. If the next menu offers an option of ANTENNA or CABLE, use the up-down-left-right arrow buttons to highlight and select CABLE.
  4. From this menu, use the up-down-left-right arrow buttons to select CHANNEL SCAN or AUTO-TUNE function.
  5. The TV will begin the channel scan process which may take several minutes to complete.
  6. Once the channel scan is completed, all channels should again be available for viewing.

4/19/2017: FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND: April 21-24, 2017

Watch HBO and Cinemax FREE for four (4) days and see what you've been missing! Enjoy the hottest original series and the biggest Hollywood hits from HBO and Cinemax on MTC Cable channels 200-214!

Please note: A MTC Cable digital box is necessary to watch the HBO & Cinemax preview. Call our Customer Service Team (877) 727-2288 to get your box or order your MTC Premium Pak!

4/13/2017: MTC's Privacy Statement

At Margaretville Telephone Company (MTC), we recognize and respect the importance of, and are committed to, protecting the privacy of our current and prospective customers, consistent with governing law. Though the new regulations adopted by the FCC in its Broadband Privacy Order have been invalidated through legislation, statutory safeguards, including those regarding telephone and cable services remain in place. MTC wants to assure customers that any personally identifiable information it collects in the course of providing service has never been, and will never be sold, transferred or shared without consent.

When you become a customer of MTC, we make every effort to protect the information you provide. MTC may send you informative emails and newsletters with products, services and information that may be of interest to you which may include special offers or surveys. Participation in these email updates and surveys is strictly voluntary, conducted by MTC and the information is not shared with other entities.

3/31/2017: High Speed Upgrade

MTC Cable has commenced a multi-phase upgrade to its cable television network necessary to increase capacity and enable faster internet speeds in the future. The initial benefits will be realized in April when internet speeds for MTC’s advanced internet packages (Velocity and Turbo packages) will automatically be increased. For instance, Velocity customers will automatically see an increase in speed from 15 Mbps download to 20 Mbps with a new upload speed of 2 Mbps. Turbo 25, which is currently at 25 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload, will automatically be upgraded to a Turbo 50, which is 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, doubling the speed of service and Turbo 60 will be upgraded to Turbo 75 with 8 Mbps of uploadable speed.

These faster Internet speeds will greatly enhance the overall Internet experience for MTC customers. New customers will also be able to select from a variety of high speed Internet packages when they sign up for MTC Internet services.

For more information, you can call the MTC Customer Service Team at (877) 727-2288.


The search for movies and more from multiple platforms has just gotten easier. With the addition of the Netflix app to MTC Cable's Vu-It service, customers will be able to search multiple platforms for video programming, record up to 6 programs at once, utilize 1-Tarabit of DVR storage, watch video content in any room with TiVo mini, and stream recorded content to their Android or iOS device all without the need to switch television inputs.

MTC's partnership with Netflix is very exciting. Netflix will complement MTC's existing video content services with its movie catalog and its vast array of original TV series such as Arrested Development, House of Cards and others.

Along with the Hulu app, a Netflix subscription is necessary to access the programming, but this allows users unlimited access to movies and TV shows each month on the MTC Vu-It platform and on multiple devices (laptops, tablets, etc.).


MTC Cable's Vu-It service is designed to provide the ultimate in customer convenience by providing seamless search and record functionality from multiple sources. With the integration of the YouTube app as part of this service, users will be able to access all of YouTube's videos via the Vu-It platform and search for programming content from traditional cable channels as well as video entities without needing to switch television inputs.

The MTC Vu-It service has an expanded 1-Tarabit of DVR storage capacity, enables customers to record up to 6 programs at once, watch programming in any room with TiVo mini, stream recorded content to your Android or iOS device, search recorded-live-streaming shows simultaneously, and integrate video apps such as YouTube all with the same remote control.


The MTC Cable Vu-It Service is designed to provide the ultimate in customer convenience with the ability to integrate video programming from multiple sources and provide seamless search and record functionality. The integration of the Hulu app as part of this service will enable customers to search for programming content from traditional cable television channels as well as streaming video entities such as Hulu without needing to switch television inputs.

The MTC Vu-it service enables customers to record up to 6 programs at once, expanded 1-Tarabit of DVR storage capacity, watch programming in any room with TiVo mini, stream recorded content to your Android or iOS device, search recorded-live-streaming shows simultaneously, and integrate video apps such as Hulu all with the same remote control.


MTC Cable will introduce its new TiVo-powered cable service to customers this May called "Vu-It". The MTC Vu-It Enhanced Television Solution provides customers with a innovative new TV viewing experience with seamless interaction between traditional TV programming and Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming services such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. The Vu-It solution provides customers with TiVo's award winning search and navigation platform combined with a hardware package which integrates video content from multiple sources including traditional cable, video-on-demand, and streaming video services all in one convenient package. This will allow customers to conveniently search for desired programming across all content sources, customize search options, increase the number of DVR recordings with an expanded storage capacity, and enjoy the extensive "whole-home" video options through multiple viewing devices.

3/1/2017: NY Broadband Program Round II

New NY Broadband Program Round II to extend MTC Broadband expansion efforts

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced yesterday that the New NY Broadband Program Round II grants of $268 million have been awarded to New York State. These awards will provide homes and businesses with access to high-speed broadband throughout New York State.

"Broadband is today what electricity was nearly a century ago – essential to creating economic opportunity, driving innovation and an absolute necessity for our way of life," Governor Cuomo said. "These awards will provide homes and businesses with access to the high-speed internet required to participate and succeed in the modern economy, and are a major step toward broadband for all in New York."

For MTC, these Round II grants will reach 2,982 additional homes in unserved and underserved communities under the MTC Cable area, delivering new economic opportunities within the townships of: Colchester, Conesville, Gilboa, Halcott, Harpersfield, Hardenburgh, Jewett, Lexington, Roxbury, and Shandaken.

These newly awarded grants are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018. In total, Round II will drive $8.9 million in total project costs for MTC of which $6.5 million is provided by the New NY Broadband Program grant. When completed, MTC secured broadband upgrades for both Round I and Round II will serve over 11,000 homes, businesses, and institutions in the region.

2/28/2017: Discontinuation of Analog Channels

Effective March 6th, all remaining analog channels (Ch 2-27) will be discontinued, and only be available in digital format. Analog television sets connected directly to cable will be affected in this transition. No action is required for television sets connected to a MTC Converter Box, which will continue to allow programming to be viewed on either style of television set.

A Digital Television Set connected without MTC Converter Box: A "re-scan" or "channel search" function will need to be performed on your television set to update the new digital channel line-up. This is the same function which was performed initially when the TV was first connected to MTC Cable allowing the television to configure the current channel line-up. After this scan has been successfully performed, the stations will be viewable on their previous channel number except for a "-1" after the channel number (ie: ESPN is currently located on Channel 27. After a re-scan on March 6th, The ESPN will be viewable on a digital television on Channel 27-1).

After March 6th, an Analog Television Set connected without a MTC Converter Box: no channels will be viewable. To continue receiving the current MTC digital channel line-up, please contact our Customer Service Department and schedule the installation of a digital converter box prior to the March 6th conversion date.

2/28/2017: Advertise in the 2017-2018 MTC Telephone Directory

Are you looking to advertise in the 2017-2018 MTC Telephone Directory? To make sure you don't miss out you can call Hanson Directory at 800-622-0034 or contact our business office at 845-586-3311.

2/24/2017: TIVO!:


MTC Cable is pleased to announce an agreement to incorporate TiVo's award-winning user interface as part of its next generation of video service enhancements. TiVo's powerful search and navigation features will enable the seamless integration of traditional cable TV programming with streaming video content from providers like Hulu and Netflix - all controlled from a single screen and remote control. In addition, MTC's new video service enhancements will include an expanded Video-On-Demand library, greater DVR capacity, and new multi-screen / multi-room applications. These new service offerings will be available to customers in the spring of 2017.

2/10/2017: Watch TV Everywhere:


MTC Cable announces the addition of 5 new programming channels available as part of its Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE) video streaming service. WTVE enables subscribers of MTC cable television services to watch their favorite programming anytime and anywhere. With the addition of new programming from AMC, BBCA, IFC, Sundance and WETV, cable subscribers now have access to streaming content from over 80 channels available to watch when and where you want from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Depending on the individual network, you can catch up on past episodes of your favorite series, watch exclusive content, or watch live TV.

For additional information about WTVE, complete programming line-up, or how to sign up for this exciting and convenient service, visit the MTC website at or contact the MTC Customer Support Team at (845) 586-2288.

1/24/2017: Programming Update:

Effective Feb 1, 2017 the following channel changes will take place: WSKG World (Ch 144) will discontinue broadcasting and will be replaced with Create TV. CLOO (Ch 151) will discontinue broadcasting and will be replaced with Sprout.

Sinclair Broadcasting group has substituted the following programming changes effective Feb 28, 2017 This TV (Ch 15) will be replaced with TBD TV and Grit TV (Ch 89) will be replaced with Charge TV.

12/15/2016: Scam Alert!:

The Margaretville Telephone Company has been made aware of a new scam that has been circulating. This scam may attempt to lure customers to a website to input personal information. MTC will never ask for personal or account information by email or pop up.

If you receive an email claiming to be MTC or any of its family of services requesting personal information DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. If you have an email or pop up in question, contact us before you continue.


  • Respond to the email in any way
  • Click any links
  • Open any attachment
  • Provide any data to any web sites requesting personal or account information

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Office at 845-586-3311.

11/01/16: MTC Wireless Broadband Update

MTC continues to make progress with efforts to deploy Wireless Broadband from two tower locations located in the northeastern portion of Delaware County. This is a partially New York State grant funded project that, when completed, will allow us to provide Wireless Broadband service to residences and businesses in the higher more rural locations within Delaware and Schoharie Counties. Broadband speed packages will include a 10 and 20 mbps residential package and a 25 mbps business package. The two tower locations, Mt. Utsayantha in Stamford and a tower site being developed off Jump Brook Road in Grand Gorge, are at different stages of completion. The progress is as follows:

Mount Utsayantha – Equipment has been deployed on a tower at Mt. Utsayantha and testing is scheduled to begin during the week of October 17th. Our goal is to begin deploying services to customers from the Mt. Utsayantha site during the month of November. If you are interested in learning more or if you believe you are within site of the Mt. Utsayantha tower, please call our office to arrange a site survey to determine availability of the Wireless Broadband service to your location.

Grand Gorge – MTC, in partnership with Delaware County Emergency Services, is engaged in construction of a new tower at the site of the former BOCES tower behind the Grand Gorge BOCES off Jump Brook Road. The tower site, once complete, will host MTC Wireless Broadband, Delaware County Emergency Services fire, EMS and law enforcement transmitters as well as other commercial transmitters. Tower site development and construction is ongoing and will continue through the Fall of 2016 as long as the weather will allow. The current schedule is to have the tower site completed and operational by mid-2017. Contact MTC for more information.

11/01/16: Connect NY Grant Projects Update

The Connect NY Broadband Grant program, the first broadband grant awarded to MTC by New York State, is nearing completion. MTC technicians and contractors continue to work on the fiber optic cable construction and splicing in various areas. Below is an update of ongoing projects:

Gilboa – Construction and splicing has been completed in various locations in the South Gilboa area. Door tagging of serviceable addresses will commence the week of October 17, 2016. Completion of the Cape Horn Road area to the Route 10 intersection is slated for end of 2016.

Halcott – Construction and splicing work is ongoing on County Route 1, Turkey Ridge, Johnson Hollow, Silas Lake and the Elk Creek area. Door tagging should begin starting on County Route 1 and the County Route 1 side of Turkey Ridge in the next couple of weeks. A fiber construction crew is dedicated to working in Halcott until all work is completed.

Denver – Construction is slated to be completed by the end of the year in the Grant Morse Road area. This project will take Fiber to the Home from the County Highway 36 intersection to the top of Grant Morse Road and will include the side roads along Grant Morse Road.

Jump Brook Rd – Fiber construction has been completed at Jump Brook Road. Fiber splicing is ongoing. Door tagging will commence when the splice work is completed in the next few weeks.

Potter Mountain/South Mountain – Folks living in the Potter Mountain and South Mountain areas of Conesville have seen the fiber construction crews working for a few weeks now. Construction in those areas should be completed by mid-November followed quickly by the necessary fiber splice work.

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