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What is Cable Phone?

Cable Phone is a multi feature, digital phone service available from MTC Cable. Cable Phone is as simple and easy to use as traditional phone service, plus you get unlimited long distance calling within the US and most US territories, all for one low monthly rate.

Where is MTC Cable Phone Service Available?

Cable Phone Service is available in most locations where MTC Cable provides existing television or internet service.

How does Cable Phone compare to a VoIP Service?

While MTC Cable Phone Service is an IP-based telephony service, Cable Phone is managed over MTC’s private IP network so customer’s calls never touch the public internet. Traditional VoIP providers (as advertise regularly on TV) connect your calls via the public Internet and are subject to delays and static which can occur when using this open, public network. Cable Phone operates over the MTC Cable network where sufficient bandwidth is always allocated to voice signals to ensure consistent, high quality.

Can Cable Phone replace traditional phone service in my home or business?

Yes. Cable Phone provides all your local, in-state and long distance calling, so you can replace your current residential or business phone service.

Can I keep my current phone number when switching to Cable Phone service?

Yes, if your number is portable (able to transfer or “port it” to a new carrier) you will be able to keep your existing phone number.

Should I disconnect my current phone service?

If you kept your current phone number (ported your number), MTC Cable will have contacted your previous phone provider to ensure that your phone service was disconnected. We recommend that you verify with your previous provider that your service with them has been disconnected. In some instances (where lifeline service or certain security systems are in place), it may be preferred to keep your existing provider and use Cable Phone for its features and unlimited calling options.

Do I need to buy any special equipment?

No, you can use the phones you have right now. After service is ordered and an installation appointment is scheduled, an MTC technician will come to your home and set up everything for you.

Can I connect all the phones in my home or business to Cable Phone?

Yes, up to 5 phones can be connected to Cable Phone. Cable Phone will work with almost all existing telephones (except rotary dial), so there is no additional equipment to purchase.

Can I connect a fax machine or alarm system to Cable Phone?

Cable Phone is compatible with most newer fax machines and alarm systems. It is advisable to contact your alarm system provider to verify compatibility and any limitations.

How do I choose a long distance provider?

By subscribing to Cable Phone, you are choosing MTC Cable to be your long distance provider.

How do I make long distance calls?

There are no changes in the way you make long distance calls with Cable Phone. Just dial as you normally would. Cable Phone allows you to call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the US and most US Territories, including Puerto Rico, for a flat monthly rate. International calls are billed at rates competitive with other major providers.

How do I make international calls?

There are no changes to how you call internationally. Just dial as you normally would (for example: 011 + country code + city code + local number of the person you are calling).

Are there taxes and other surcharges for Cable Phone?

Your monthly statement will reflect your Digital Phone rate plus taxes, fees, and charges for international calls, directory assistance and operator assisted calls. However, due to the IP voice transport, subscribers should see a savings in certain surcharges applied compared to their current provider.

Can I use my calling card for long distance calls?

The Cable Phone calling plan includes unlimited long distance calling in the United States and most US Territories, including Puerto Rico. We also offer competitive international rates; however, you can still use a calling card.

Can I call 911 using Cable Phone?

Yes. Cable Phone supports 911/E911 functionality.

If my cable service goes out, can I still use my phone?

Yes, in most cases. Cable Phone uses different frequencies than digital cable service, so an interruption in cable service should not affect your phone. However, if inclement weather damages the local plant, or a network outage or prolonged power outage occur, cable and Cable Phone service could be interrupted. The Multimedia Terminal Adapter used to provide Cable Phone Service is equipped with batteries for approximately 8 hours of backup time during power outages.

Can I use my high-speed modem and talk on the phone at the same time?

Yes, the MTA (Multimedia Terminal Adapter) will allow you to access the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time because each feature of the MTA (modem) is independent.

What if there is a power failure?

Your MTC Cable Phone Service is designed to continue to work for up to 8 hours during commercial power outages. In order to continue to use your MTC Cable Phone Service during commercial power outages, you will have to use a wired telephone. Most cordless telephones will not function during power failures.

NOTE: Your telephone may not work if there is a CATV line failure.

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