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What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line service allows a high-speed Internet connection across ordinary telephone lines. This technology allows the user to talk on the telephone, and be online simultaneously. Dialing is not necessary to make an Internet connection: the connection is always present. When you turn on your computer, DSL is on.

How fast is DSL?
  • Residential: 9Mbps/1.5Kbps
  • Residential Velocity: 3Mbps/512Kbps
  • Residential Elite: 6Mbps/1Mbps
  • Business: 9Mbps/1.5Kbps
  • Business Velocity: 3Mbps/768Kbps
  • Business Elite: 6Mbps/1Mbps
Do I need an extra telephone line for DSL to work?

No. DSL will work on an existing telephone line.

Can I talk on the telephone while I'm online?

Yes. DSL allows transmission of data and voice simultaneously.

Will being on the telephone decrease my bandwidth?

No. Data and voice are transmitted at different frequencies. The voice frequency is so low it will not interfere with the DSL bandwidth.

What equipment do I need to provide?

A computer and a network interface card (NIC).

Can I use my own DSL modem?

No. Modems must be provisioned by and compatible with MTC.

What is a network interface card (NIC) and where do I get one?

A Network Interface Card enables your computer to transmit and receive high-speed data. Network interface cards can be purchased from MTC and at most office supply and electronic stores.

Are there any distance limitations for DSL service?

Yes. Your residence or office must be within 18,000 feet of an MTC remote. MTC will prequalify all potential DSL customers.

How do I sign up for DSL?

You may contact the MTC Business Office at 1-845-586-3311.

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