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Understanding Your Bill

The Bill Header Section is a quick way to look at your previous and current due along with any payments or adjustments that had occurred in the past period.
The Message Center is a good location to check for important notices from MTC.
Your Summary for each type of service and charge associated will display in this column.
Please tear off the remittance stub and include with your payment.
The Monthly Usage section of the bill can be used to further explain charges associated with each service. Charges will be itemized for each type of service.
This section is for change of address and Credit Card Info.
The Long Distance legend will help to identify the type of call that was made.
Toll detail is provided to you in this section. If you have any specific questions about Long Distance, please call our office.
The bottom of each call detail page will have a subtotal listed for the calls made. The last page will have the totals.

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